John Kefalas stands in a park by the Old Town Library

County Government for All of Us

Larimer County residents want public servants who will work together to get the job done.

They don’t care about partisan labels. They care about using common sense, finding common ground, and working together for the common good.

That’s exactly what I will continue to do if you help me win re-election to the Larimer County Board of Commissioners. Working together, we will continue to do better, right here in Larimer County.


John Kefalas

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Why John Kefalas is Running for Re-Election

At the core of this decision is my life-long commitment to serving others and the profound need for greater kindness and understanding. We need to keep moving forward together, especially during these uncertain times.

I know how to bring people together, using common sense to find common ground and come up with solutions that advance the common good.

It is a privilege to serve others through public office, and I believe I’ve earned the opportunity to do this again based on my decent track record of addressing issues that matter to our community – 12 years in the Legislature and the past 3 years as a county commissioner.

We all want our government to provide the services we need in an efficient, humane and rational manner. The fact is, when we work together to find answers, we come up with better and more compassionate solutions.

My father Mike taught me to work hard, be honest, and serve others. I tried to keep those values close to heart as I served the people of Larimer County.

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